Team Building Magic Class

Card Class offers magic classes as an indoor team building activity. What sets this team building activity apart, is that participants gain new skills that they will always be able to use. It brings your team together and it is a lot of fun.

This indoor team building event is great for small or large groups. Whether your group is close, or needs a suitable icebreaker, a magic workshop is one of the most fun group activities for all types of groups.


Your team will never forget this experience. It is very unique and highly creative.


This is a practical skill. You will learn a skill that you can always use for entertaining.


The tricks learnt in these classes are highly interactive and will require participants to engage with each other throughout the session.

We use everyday objects for these tricks, so your team will be able to perform these tricks any time.
This is a unique, memorable and creative team building experience.

To enquire or book a team building session,
Call  0424 390 116  or  Contact us to enquire further.