The following are unedited reviews from previous Card Class students:

Just a quick note of thanks for a fantastic class – absolutely fabulous way to spend a couple of evenings. Very helpful, informative and most of all fun! I have enthusiastically ordered another 4 sets of bicycle cards to help keep me out of mischief for the next little while!
Derek Gibbs

I throughly enjoyed every class. Michael is a very calm teacher. He keeps your confidence up. I would recommend him for individual classes. Thanks once again.
PS. He has a lot of patience as well.

Brian Rosenthal

“Great course. Learnt lots of tricks. Very nice atmosphere. Very different. Great way to step out of your routine.”
Sophie Robin

“The card classes were fantastic. Michael was a great teacher with his style of teaching. The course was well structured for beginners, starting from the basics and progressively getting harder. It was very enjoyable.”
Khanh Huynh

“Michael makes high quality magic attainable. He’s personable, knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. He makes tricks look easy and then breaks then down so you can do the same. He clearly wants his students to learn and have fun. A great class.”
Jacob Mnookin

“Great class regardless of your level of experience.”
Donald Friedman

“I had absolutely no magic or card skills prior to taking this magic class. During the 3 lessons, Michael patiently went through the basics of card handling and manipulation in detail and then proceeded to teaching some simple yet extremely powerful magic that I was able to pick up in a short space of time. Michael allowed plenty of time for me to practice in class to gain the confidence I need to perform each magic. I thoroughly enjoy every moment of his magic class. And it is obvious that he enjoys teaching magic to his students too. Prior to the lessons, I really did not expect to be able to perform magic so soon after the class. But now, I have so much fun performing a series of magic in front of my family, friends and work clients, with powerful and mind-blowing results. Seeing the jaw-dropping reaction of my audience is so much fun and rewarding. All thanks to Michael for introducing me to the world of magic. I highly recommend anyone interested in the art of magic to this class.”
Vivian Yung

“Excellent class and thankyou.”
Hung Pham

“Michael was a patient teacher and very hands on. Really enjoyed the class.”
David Moss

“The Card Class was perfect to introduce or improve on tricks to perform to friends and family. Loved the class and would be interested in expanding on my skills with more classes in the future.”
Matthew Atkins

“I’ve gone from barely being able to shuffle cards to being confident in both handling and impressing others with some very simple to learn but effective tricks. Michael is a great teacher and very patient with people who have no magic experience at all like me. I also enjoyed the sense of fun and humour about it. This would be my first recommendation to anyone who has an interest in learning card tricks.”
Nathan Rath

“Michael is an engaging teacher who takes the time to give you the personal touch. He’ll amaze you with his skill set and take the time to let you in on all the insider secrets. Performing these tricks for my friends has been a blast and I’ve enjoyed the classes I’ve attended thoroughly!”
Clinton Gee

“Card Class was exactly what I was looking for. Michael is a tremendous teacher and clearly demonstrates his passion for magic. I have learnt more card handling skills and tricks/magic than I ever would watching videos or reading books. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone who has a passion for magic and is looking to improve their skills.”
David Orazio

“Michael is a great teacher and has the ability to tailor the class to suit your level. He is no doubt an awesome magician and his tricks are easy and mind blowing at the same time.”
Varun Chopra

“It was great to be able to clarify the skills I wasn’t sure of when I had learnt things by myself. Also, most of the tricks learnt were possible to be done in front of any audience at any time if you simple had cards in your hand. The tricks were simple to learn with practice required make them look smooth.”
Mike Choi

“Michael’s card classes are excellent, he makes the learning relaxed, simple and with a bit of fun. He has definitely inspired me to go a little further. Totally recommend his classes.”
Tony Croft

“Michael is extremely patient and willing to show tricks over and over until we pick them up. He is very professional in his demonstrations and clearly knows his stuff. Learnt a lot and had a blast! Would thoroughly recommend.”
Annette Ginis

“Michael is an excellent teacher and I had heaps of fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the quality when I signed up, but was “honestly” very impressed. I have loved practicing on my family and friends. I would recommend this to anyone who is genuinely interested in magic.”
Rob Kennaugh

“Was exactly what I was looking for. Great way to begin card magic. Michael was friendly, passionate and most important, patient. Had a great coverage of the basics, and I’m looking forward to learning more.”
Josh Altit

“This Card Class is outstanding. It provided me with the exact knowledge and experience I was looking for to increase my skills in magic. I would recommend this class to not only beginners, but to any person with an interest in card magic. I great way to spend a hours a week.”
Patrick Donley

“The classes makes learning the art of magic much easier. The attention paid to each student was friendly, fun and surprising. Michael showed great patience with me as my brain doesn’t seem to work as quick as it did in my earlier days. A great kickoff start to a career or simply a fantastic way to entertain friends and family. I’m so glad I attended.”
Garry Dean

“Great fun. Mike is an excellent teacher, really good for me with no experience. We practised enough tricks to have some variety, but not too many so your become quite proficient at them. Definitely recommended.”
David Greene

“I enjoyed the pace of learning and basic skills taught. Michael’s skills and practice are evident and he has a helpful teaching style as well as using good educational methods. Reviewing each week and through videos re-enforced the skills learnt and gave me something to try on family and friends each week. Recommended as a great introduction to card skills.”
Brendan King

“I enjoyed learning new tricks in an informative way with Michael. The course was easy to learn and understand. Well done Michael.”
Chris Thuyet

“Learnt so many party tricks and thanks to Card Class I can keep fascinating my colleagues and peers”
Daniel Trajkovski

“After having learnt a few tricks on my own, I arrived at Card Class in the hope of being shown more than the level of knowledge I already had. That is exactly what I got in the lessons. Michael was more than happy to adapt to teach any new tricks that I wanted to learn. His instructions were clear, he was adaptable, he was patient and most of all he made the class fun. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn magic to use Michael as a tutor.”
Aaron Scully

“If you want to impress your friends and have fun learning at the same time then this class is awesome”
Matthew Garton

“Really great and enjoyable introduction to card magic. Thank you for putting up with us and being so patient. Thoroughly recommended.”
John Kennedy

“Had a lot of fun learning all the tricks I’ve always wanted.”
Laura Kennedy

“Michael was a great teacher who instilled a sense of fun and excitement in his classes. There was plenty of laughter and you could tell he was passionate about what he does. We were amazed at how easy some of the really impressive tricks were once you knew their secrets!”
Melissa Kennedy

“5 stars, highly recommended, awesome card tricks and heaps of fun!”
Mark Boey

“This is an amazing class with something for beginners to experts. This is fantastic course which teaches the basics of magic and card handling in a fun and friendly environment. I laughed and learned at the same time. These are tricks which I’ll keep up my sleeve for lots of occasions!”
Leanne Robertson

“Having just completed three 2-hour lessons with Michael I can say that I have accomplished what I set out to do and at a reasonable price. I have learnt basic card skills, several card tricks and non-card tricks to practise and show my family and friends. In addition, Michael taught me some fundamental techniques used by professional magicians. I found Michael to be generous, courteous, patient, articulate, professional and punctual. I hope to attend more classes next year.”
Morris Hinch

“Michael is genuinely enthusiastic about what he teaches. Most of the magic tricks will surely make you think wow. His teaching skills are excellent, the class is well planned out and he encourages questions. I felt great after learning these tricks and looking forward to astonishing my friends.”
Charlotte Lau

“The class was a terrific experience, both unique and extremely fascinating. The practical nature of each session was well complemented by theoretical components, which not only provided a better understanding as to how the tricks themselves were to be carried out, but also in regards to the importance behind some of the more subtle principles of performing and why those principles are so effective. The lessons were very well structured, and at the same time allowed progress to occur at a pace suitable to each individual. Along with this the interpersonal nature of the class enhanced the learning process tremendously. Everything was carried out in great depth and I can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice”
Ash Ang

“Very much enjoyed the class. I have a number of tricks to practise and amaze people with. Really felt I’ve learnt a new skill.”
Kieron Fitzpatrick

“I studied magic with Michael and walked home the first lesson with plenty to practise! To my surprise, my first attempt at a sleight of hand in front of my girlfriend completely fooled her, I thought it would be much harder than it was. Michael’s a great teacher and obviously enjoys what he does very much, I’d recommend him to anyone who wants to get past the cheesy self working tricks and actually be able to entertain people!”
Rich Lowenberg

“Michael is one of those teachers you can hardly find in any field these days. With interminable patience, and a true love for teaching and magic, he’ll expose you to those tricks you thought only true wizards can carry out. His tricks are incredible to watch, but easy to perform, and he’ll take you all the way, step by step, from the very beginning until you master them. Then, just when you think you know it all, he’ll astonish you with something you’ve never seen before…just like great magicians do, and keep you impatient for the next time… Those lessons gave me the confidence to deal with card illusions, and later on to start performing in front of people, not silly tricks you see everyday, but cool cool stuff that actually made people draw a “wow”. That was when I realized that anyone can be a magician, and that with enough practice the sky is the limit. But more than all, it made me realize how I needed a good teacher to start with. Thanks Mike. I enjoyed every second.”
Itamar Zur